Macramé Made Easy – The 11 Essential Macramé Knots


In my beginner-friendly guide, I share with you:
– Step-by-step illustrated tutorials
– My tried & tested tips & tricks
– Visual examples
– When & how to use them


When I started macramé I read a book called ’50 Essential Knots for Macramé’. Honestly, almost 80% of those knots I’ve never used. Sure, they look pretty but I’ve never needed them!

In all my work, from simple keychains to showstopping backdrops, no matter how big or small, I have only ever used these 11 knots. 

So I made this guide, complete with step-by-step illustrations, my tried & tested tips, tricks & the lightbulb moments I had. 

I hope it gives you yours.


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