Magnetic Needle Minders


This funky & magnetic needle minder is the ultimate way to keep track of your needles easily and is uniquely made from 100% recycled plastic.

Magnetic Needle Minders details

No more losing your needle or dropping it on the floor/sofa (ouch)!

Made from plastic rescued from landfill, these needle minders are created using both local and commercial plastic waste, such as plastic bottle tops, protein shaker tops, DVD cases and industrial offcuts from the manufacture of knife handles.

Each needle minder is 40mm wide and 2mm thick, with a magnet made from Samarium Cobalt.

Each needle minder has 2 strong magnets meaning that your needle will not fall off, meaning you can easily stop your work and come back to it later, safe in the knowledge that your needle is safe and secure. Simply detach the 2nd magnet from the back and place behind your work to secure your minder to your work, before placing your needle on the front.

As your needle minder has small, movable parts so children must be supervised at all times in case of choking hazard.
As with all magnets, please take care using them near sensitive electronic devices.

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